Rafafans animated collage step by step

This Spanish collage artist took animation as an evolution of the traditional collage technique Rafafans defines his work as something organic and personal that has been forged over time. He enjoys working with the bodies, the anatomy, the faces, the eyes, the mouths, the human being… and adding a somewhat volatile final sensation, sometimes delicate and subtle, although sometimes he prefers the opposite extreme to break the image that he has his own job. Recently influenced by 3D art and the craze that plays with digital surrealism, he began to introduce movement and new dimensions to his collage, as part of an evolutionary process of the traditional technique.

His interest in photography photo retouching service combined it with video, to give way to the object , the physical and the real. We talked to him about his creative process: Rafafans animated collage, step by step 1 rafafans Although he studied Law, he was always interested in publishing books and magazines, the world of design, desktop publishing and creativity. Rafafans had been curious since he was a child about the composition of images, photography and the artistic revolutions of the 20th century, especially with the world of paper and collage , their plasticity and the ability to create new scenarios based on other pre-existing ones.

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Over time, he turned those passions into something more than a hobby, devoting himself to creative direction; His work is a bridge to his artistic facet with great prominence of collage as a language to create unique pieces on paper, but in a continuous search for new formats and techniques. Rafafans animated collage, step by step 3 static end piece This is how Rafafans created his collage dedicated to the singer Rosalía: 1. About ideas and fanart For this piece, Rafa started with a very specific idea, developing it with some peculiarities different from a commercial project or for a brand, such as the management and origin of the material.